Life in the “Off Season”

So after one week of doing absolutely NOTHING (well, except for sleeping, eating, enjoying some wine, and sleeping some more) last week was a “re-entry” of sorts—back into a more “business as usual” life on both the work AND working out front. I headed to Tokyo for a swift business trip last week.  48 hours […]

Harwich Triathlon Race Report

Forgive me if this doesn’t read like a typical race report.  I am not going to bore you with the details of how long my transitions are (In short: LONG).  I’m not going to bore you to death with my pace per kilometre stats.  Do you really want to read a blow by blow?  No.  […]

2013 London Triathlon: Mechanical DNF

I spent yesterday afternoon alternating between swings of optimism, and pits of disappointment.  Yesterday’s London Triathlon did not go the way that I had intended.  Just at the start of the bike course I down shifted as we approached one of the many road overpasses the course has to offer.  As I downshifted I was […]

Every Race Is A Gift

Earlier this year I was told by doctors that the structure of my knee meant that I should stop running – IMMEDIATELY.  I hated this binary answer.  So I took the doctor’s advice and made an appointment with a sports medicine doctor – someone who would help me to develop a rehabilitation strategy.  The sports […]

Popo’ia and a Podium!

When we were on holidays in Hawaii, we did what every normal person does… We looked up races to do while there!  I asked around and found out about the Popo’ia Swim – a 1.5 mile swim around an island just off Kailua Beach.  And I knew we had to do it. The island on […]

The BUPA 10k: A Patient Runner

Yesterday I did the BUPA 10k in London as a part of Team Brain Appeal – the fundraising team for the Centre for Neuromuscular Diseases at the National Hospital for Neurology and Neurosurgery.  I was the first ever neurology patient on the team (they have had muscular patients run with them before) and I joked […]

My 2013 Egg Hunt Triathlon

On Saturday March 30th I did the Egg Hunt Triathlon, in Pembroke Pines Florida.  I did it, despite the huge sigh my sports doctor let out when I told him that I was going to race at the end of March.  You see, I hadn’t run 5k since January 1st, when my new year’s run […]

On Racing and Results…

Back in August I did the Rev3 Aquabike.  I did the race for experience.  I told myself before the race that the result did not matter.  When I exited the water I looked at my Garmin, and I know I could have swum faster.  I was a bit disappointed but reassured myself—“The RESULT does not […]