2017 Goals

I cannot believe 2017 is here already – and that we are already one week in! Where did time go?! I feel like the past 18 months have been a blur. I don’t want this to be a laundry list of everything that has gone on in my personal life, so I will just leave it […]

Fallow Season?

On Saturday after swimming I sat chatting with my friend Juliette. We were talking about her amazing open water swim season, which has included crossing from Jersey to France, as well as an upcoming Gibraltar crossing. And we talked about my season. Or seeming lack of one. I haven’t blogged since March. A lot has […]

Shoulder Injury, Shoulder Rehab

When my dad died in July I went to his house to help with the clear out. This was a big deal in many ways – not least of which because I was finally allowed to go into and go through his sacred place: his garage full of fishing supplies. Packed to the brim, his […]

Growing Up Gumby

This post was originally published on Baseline Physiotherapy to raise awareness of Ehlers Danlos Syndrome. May is EDS Awareness Month. To learn more about EDS Hypermobility type (the type of EDS I have been diagnosed with) please visit the Hypermobility Syndromes Association. Growing up I knew that I was double jointed.  I used to think it […]

From “Can’t” to “How”

I can’t tell you how many times I have read stuff about “eliminating negative self talk” – but what does that MEAN. I mean, first of all, what is negative self talk? And second, can you get rid of it? Here’s my “a-ha” moment of the day. This morning I was at swimming. I swim once […]

The Return

Finally! Finally I am feeling myself coming back to my normal! On the last day of February I started to feel really really unwell. Last week I waited for the sickness to pass. This is a cold, I thought, so it will lift in a few days. But when I got to my seventh day of […]

Quick Catch Up

Grab a beverage of your choice, and pull up a chair. It has been a while, and it is time for a quick catch up. Me? I’ll have a bottle of rootbeer. In fact, I had one on Saturday. Rootbeer has to be my number one guilty pleasure beverage. And to my horror I discovered that the diner […]

Decisions: My 2015 Triathlon Season

I’ve let it be known that what I would really like to do is to do a race in Japan. Specifically, ITU World Paratriathlon Yokohama. But what I haven’t put out there (much anyway) is how setting myself a big goal like this has seemed like setting myself up for failure. It is not the […]