The CapTex Triathlon: My Race

It seems so surreal that on Monday I raced in Texas, and here I sit today, Thursday, in London.  The past week has been a blur – travel, jetlag, emotions, pain. At one stage of the weekend I was on the phone to DH, going through some of what was in my head.  “Why did […]

Egmond 2012: The Half Marathon That Wasn’t

Warning:  this may not be the cheeriest post I have ever written. 2012 time: 1:36:00 2011 time: 1:41:37 Improvement: 5 minutes, 37 seconds Total distance run: 10.67 kilometers (according to Nike+) I have so much to celebrate with my Egmond quarter marathon performance.  I ran and felt strong for the first 5k.  The weather was […]

Tokyo and a 12km Run

My blog has been quiet.  I headed off to Asia on the 16th of October, and silence reigned for a while.  This trip hit me rather hard.  Normally I go away on business for whirlwind trips – a long haul flight, a day or two of meetings, then a long haul flight back.  But this […]

The FireMan Triathlon aka Racing in Irene

When we made our summer holiday booking this year, we thought of three things. Sun, Fun. Triathlon. Our summer vacation for 2011 would be in a beautiful placeand span the week before and after a triathlon, enabling us to do the sport we have grown to love in yet another new location.  The ultimate active […]