Beating Limitations requires a team of support. I thank all of the people and brands that I work with - doctors, physiotherapists, coaches, sports therapists, companies, friends and of course family. Without my team, my journey would not be possible.

  1. Volare
    I wear a Volare wetsuit. Quite honestly the most comfortable wetsuit I've found.

  2. Magic Hands
    Magic Hands
    Michael Collins, sports therapist and multiple ironman, keeps my body mobile and healthy.

  3. Punk Rock Racing
    Punk Rock Racing
    I wear gear with an attitude to match mine: For like-minded people pushing the envelope against gravity today with the understanding that — win, lose or draw — they will be back tomorrow.

  4. London Fields Triathlon Club
    London Fields Triathlon Club
    I’m a member of London Fields Triathlon Club, based in Hackney, East London.  LFTC is the committed to welcoming members of all ages, backgrounds and abilities.

  5. Zoggs
    I wear Zoggs Predators - goggles that never fail, from a company that shares my passion for swimming!

  6. Red Top Swim
    Red Top Swim
    I swim with Red Top, in my opinion simply the best swimmers and the best for improving swimmers in London.