2017 Goals

I cannot believe 2017 is here already – and that we are already one week in! Where did time go?!

I feel like the past 18 months have been a blur. I don’t want this to be a laundry list of everything that has gone on in my personal life, so I will just leave it at this – I am so glad that 2017 is here! A new year means a new page in my book of life. I am ready to start this new chapter fresh, and ready to embrace all that this year has to offer!

Speaking of all that 2017 has to offer… This year I am back in fitness goal mode. I have signed up for a big challenge – my first since 2015 when I did a 10km swim. This year will once again focus on swimming, as I aim toward the Scilly Swim Challenge in September.

6 swims, 6 walks, 12 hours, all across the Scilly Isles – which are off the southern England coast of Cornwall, in the Atlantic Ocean…

Considering that I haven’t been swimming much (read: about three times) since my husband broke his hip in August, it is time to get started on the training. I reckon a good solid 30 weeks of training will get me to the start line in good shape and ready to succeed.

So I jumped back into the pool yesterday.

It is hard to start again. I think the hardest part was turning off my mean girl inner monologue “wow you sure have gotten slow” “wow you used to be able to do this without getting out of breath now look at you” and just focusing on where I am now, how I feel now, and knowing that (with work) I can and will get back to where I was.

I left the pool feeling remarkably good.

In the coming weeks in addition to getting back in the water with more consistency, I will be laying out my training blocks. I’m super excited to work with our club coach Lorcan to develop my plan – this is my first time self coaching myself to a big swim so I’m really looking forward to that challenge too!

And… I’ll blogging my way through it all. It has been a long time since I blogged consistently, and this seems like the perfect time – and reason – to get back into writing again 😉 Just like when I started to blog – chronically my way toward a big challenge.

Here’s to 2017 Goals!

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