Every run I do is a Personal Best…

The Hyde Park 5k – women only, one park loop, over 17,000 participants, and something I have done since 2003 without fail.  But until now, as a walker.When I started off 2009 I signed up for the Women’s Challenge with the aim of doing the full course running.  Not jogging, not walking, but running.Well, life […]

A Tri of Firsts!

This past Saturday I did the RUSH Triathlon (sprint distance) in Rexburg Idaho.  I know, it is a long way from London!  But we were going on holiday to Jackson Wyoming, and as my DH had to pull from the London triathlon due to being sick, he found this alternative in Rexburg that happened to […]

I TRI because I CAN

I CAN and I DID.  On Saturday I did my third sprint triathlon.  But I feel like it was my first time.  And in some ways it was – this year’s London Triathlon marks the beginning of my commitment to the sport.  In 2007 I TRI’d to see if I could, and I barely did […]

Cycling in London

Who says cycling in London is for the insane?  Or that it is not fun?  I used to, but I don’t say it as much as I did, especially after two great rides on Thursday and Sunday.Thursday.  I headed out of the “Big Boy Pool” (thanks @holisticguru for that name!) and commuted to work by […]