Find The Good And Praise It

This week has been hard.  Coming back from a swift trip to Korea tired me out.  I’m running three days a week now, each intense and with purpose.  That is tiring me out.  And the change of seasons?  I suspect that too is tiring me out. It is really easy, when you are tired, to […]

Friday Food: The Athlete’s Plate

I’m just back from (another) long haul business trip and super excited to see that my contribution to the Cook Train Eat Race series “The Athlete’s Plate by The Athlete” is now up!  Head on over to the site to see Jason’s take on a day in the life of my eating. That day is […]

Running in Paris: 8k Along The Seine

Last weekend I went to Paris.  (I still think it’s so cool to say that – I’ve been an American-in-London for the past 14 years and have a British passport, but even so I still think there is something special about being able to get on a train and go to a different country!) Last […]

My Support Network

It is really easy when something is wrong with you to enter into a spiral of blame and despair. You can start to blame everything on your illness.  *Maybe I have tinitus because people with my disease can have hearing problems.* *All those years I stood in front of speaker stacks dancing in clubs, and […]

CMT Awareness Month

September is Charcot Marie Tooth Awareness Month.  In my La Parisienne race report, I noted that for the first time I wore my Team CMT jersey on the run, for all of those who manage life with a progressive degenerative nerve disease.  CMT affects 1 in 2500 people, including me. In honour of CMT Awareness […]

Thursday Thought: The Road To Success

Getting back into things after holidays is always tough.  I find myself clinging onto the relaxed feeling I found after two weeks of down time.  I was so lucky to spend the end of my summer outside, active, and with a permanent glow of happiness.  Laughter comes a bit easier now, and work stress seems […]

The FireMan Triathlon aka Racing in Irene

When we made our summer holiday booking this year, we thought of three things. Sun, Fun. Triathlon. Our summer vacation for 2011 would be in a beautiful placeand span the week before and after a triathlon, enabling us to do the sport we have grown to love in yet another new location.  The ultimate active […]