CMT Awareness Month

September is Charcot Marie Tooth Awareness Month.  In my La Parisienne race report, I noted that for the first time I wore my Team CMT jersey on the run, for all of those who manage life with a progressive degenerative nerve disease.  CMT affects 1 in 2500 people, including me.

In honour of CMT Awareness Month, I sponsored a day on I Wear Your Shirt to raise the profile of CMT.  For those of you who have never heard of I Wear Your Shirt, through a combination of social media (including Twitter, YouTube and Facebook as well as their own site) Jason Sadler and his team of t-shirt wearers do their best to raise interest in brands, products and organisations throughout the calendar year.

Yesterday was the day that I gave to the CMT Association, and in particular to the STAR fund to find a cure for CMT.

Check out Jason in the CMT STAR shirt!

image from I Wear Your Shirt

I really want to thank Jason, Deandre, Angela, Neal and Amber for doing everything to shed a little light on CMT, the most common but least recognised neuromuscular disorder there is!

To learn a bit more about CMT, please click through to see the I Wear Your Shirt team in action.  To donate to help find a cure, just click on one of the CMT STAR Appeal buttons on my site.  I hope to do a few more posts in September about CMT and how I manage it.

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