Comfort, Comfortable

Christmas has come and gone.  I don’t know what it is about 2011, but time has passed so quickly.  It only seems like yesterday that we were starting December, and with it the build up to the holidays.  And poof – all the sudden it is over.  Tomorrow is the 31st of December… It seems […]

Rebalancing: A Visit to the Nutritionist

It’s no surprise I am completely out of whack.  A year full of travel, capped off with my last trip which finished about a week ago – in less than a week I found myself in Sydney, Singapore, Beijing and then back to London, complete with a cold and feeling pretty run down.  It was […]

Be Aware: Food, Drink and the run up to Christmas

Yesterday evening I got a tweet from my friend Havva, wondering if I had a recommendation for a diet that would help her to get her nutrition “right”.  This led to a mini-conversation…  And a commitment… One week of logging on MyFitnessPal.  Truthful, honest, shared accountability.  And than after a week we both can take […]

41… Where did that come from?

So about two weeks ago I celebrated my FORTY FIRST birthday.  Wow.  Where on earth did that come from?? Time has FLOWN this year.  It seems like just yesterday that I wrote this list of 40 things to do before I was 41.  And now?  I am 41. Did I do everything on my list?  […]

Feeling All Washed Up

I travel for my job.  As and when required.  Worldwide.  Some people say I have a sexy job. When I was travelling about 10 days ago I got really annoyed by something I read.  Someone had boasted on Twitter about how amazing it was that they had travelled 9,000 miles in the month of October. […]

41 Thankful Things

Thursday was my birthday. 41.  I wasn’t convinced that I liked that number, so to mark the day I tweeted 41 things for which I am thankful.  I did not pre-plan this list, so it pretty much followed my day on the 17th. In case you missed it and to make sure I have the […]

Epiphany Moments: 2011 in Review

I know, it seems a bit crazy.  It is only mid-November.  How can I possibly review 2011?  Unless, of course, it is from the perspective of triathlon, and sport.  My 2011 “racing season” ended with my run in Paris in September.  Since then, I have been mulling things over.  Specifically – what did I achieve […]

Thoughts on Leaving Home

When my friend Jeannie asked if I would be interested in contributing to an art exhibit, writing about the theme of leaving home, I decided it would be great to be a part of Lee Ming Wei’s work.  Currently on exhibit at the Museum of Chinese in America, Lee Ming Wei has created a piece […]

Tokyo and a 12km Run

My blog has been quiet.  I headed off to Asia on the 16th of October, and silence reigned for a while.  This trip hit me rather hard.  Normally I go away on business for whirlwind trips – a long haul flight, a day or two of meetings, then a long haul flight back.  But this […]