Charity Tuesday: Me & The CMTA

Over on Twitter it used to be that charities were the spotlight on Tuesdays. Once upon a time the hashtag #charitytuesday was popular. Well, I am going to throwback to those days, and today shed a little light on the charity that I support, the CMTA (Charcot Marie Tooth Association). ~1~ Back in 2009 I […]

30 Things About My Invisible Illness

Back in 2009 I participated in the Invisble Illness Week 30 Things Meme, sharing about my invisible illness, CMT. Although the 2013 Invisible Illness Week happened in early September, I wanted to refresh my answers in honour of CMT Awareness Month. 1. The illness I live with is… I have two “invisible illnesses”. I have […]

Charity Spotlight: CMT Awareness Month

Over a decade ago, I had motivational profiling done at work.  My boss at the time wanted to understand team dynamics better, to help her to better manage us and optimise some big projects we were about to launch.  There were three types of motivation a person could have – achievement, affiliation, or power.  It […]

An Open Letter About The CMTA

Dear Reader: It should come as no surprise that I am about to write this.  I told you a long time ago that I chose the charity that I support – the Charcot Marie Tooth Association – after deliberation, research and discussion with its staff.  I decided in 2009 that I needed to become an […]

September Is… CMT Awareness Month

September means many things, including a bump back into reality as I return from a blissful two weeks of vacation in Maine, and before then 3 weeks of Olympic-oriented excitement. But for me, and for 1 in 2500 others, and their friends and family, September is CMT Awareness Month. I proudly support the Charcot-Marie-Tooth Association […]

I Am A CMTAthlete

I have been ruminating about this post for a while.  Since August 2010 I’ve been meaning to write about charity fundraising. Why it matters to me. Why affiliating with a charity is special to me. What your choices do or don’t do for the charities or causes you support. And then in December 2011 I […]

CMT Awareness Month

September is Charcot Marie Tooth Awareness Month.  In my La Parisienne race report, I noted that for the first time I wore my Team CMT jersey on the run, for all of those who manage life with a progressive degenerative nerve disease.  CMT affects 1 in 2500 people, including me. In honour of CMT Awareness […]