41 Thankful Things

Thursday was my birthday. 41.  I wasn’t convinced that I liked that number, so to mark the day I tweeted 41 things for which I am thankful.  I did not pre-plan this list, so it pretty much followed my day on the 17th.

In case you missed it and to make sure I have the list recorded someplace other than Twitter, here it is one more time. 

1.  A warm bed on chilly mornings.
2.  Reminders of my mother. Cinammon toast, my apple pie recipe card, the collection of notes she sent to me in the 90s.
3.  The best sports therapist ever, Michael, whose magic hands bring lift to my atrophying muscles & keep me moving.
4.  Facebook – because on one day a year it makes you feel like a rockstar thanks to the connections it helps to maintain.
5.  Art. And the joy knowing that my Tracy Emin London 2012 little birds “I love you” print was delivered today grin
6.  Twitter. Without it, I would not have met some truly wonderful people – thank you for brightening my world.
7.  Smoothies. Today’s blend was greek yoghurt, an apple, a banana, many blueberries, ice and splash of milk. Perfection!
8.  The color purple – the book by Alice Walker, the film with Oprah, and the color. Such depth in purple. Beautiful.
9.  Coffee. Nectar of the gods.
10. House renovations being finished. Twice now we’ve lived through them, love the end result – and the peace!
11. Growing up fishing, thanks to my dad. Also thankful that he taught me to cook fish, pumpkin pie, and oatmeal cookies.
12. Scrabble. I love words, but even better, I love knowing which words can garner killer scrabble points. Like “pfft”.
13. My hoarder tendencies. In a stack of old letters lives the words of friends deceased. Precious memories cherished.
14. Hugs.
15. My grandmother. And the fact she’s 94 and super fit. It gives me hope that I’m nowhere near the midpoint of my life!
16. Cashmere. The moths in my house also are thankful for my cashmere. hmmm
17. Being able to walk up 5 flights of stairs without a problem. Useful as my place has 5 flights of stairs grin
18. Real mail. Cards. Letters. Printed photos. A beautiful way to show someone you’re thinking of them.
19. The fact that I have a job which stretches me to think differently and handle new challenges every day.
20. Char Siu Bun.
21. Leisurely lunches with friends, particularly when the friend unexpectedly offers to pay grin
22. Sunshine and blue skies, with marshmallow white fluffy clouds.
23. The English tradition of buying cakes for the office on your birthday.
24. The photo I have on my desk of my niece and nephew who live in Florida – their faces always brighten any work day!
25. Having not one but two fairy cakes today. The cupcake is not evil. And neither is eating one. Or two. grin
26. My friends. You don’t know how big you make me smile, or how I tear up when I think how lucky I am to know you.
27. That I have rubbed Testudo’s nose. Many many time. Go, Terps, Go!
28. Night blooming cereus, tradewinds, the smell of jasmine at night, plumeria leis on birthdays – growing up in Hawaii.
29. Working with coaches who share my vision of becoming the best that I can – thank you Terry and James.
30. Naps.
31. Wild purple violets.
32. Pain. Because it gives me an appreciation for everything pain free and pleasure full.
33. Orange lights on black taxis.
34. Birthday flowers.

35. Knowing my sister Cynthia loves me, even though I don’t Skype her as often as I should. I think of her every day!
36. Swimming!
37. A single glass of wine with a nice meal. Current favourite flavour: Pinot Noir…
38. Incandescent lightbulbs.
39. Crisp clean cotton sheets.
40. BBC Radio 4 – there is always something new to learn, and Radio 4 does it in such a calm, soothing to the ears way.
41. Lavender baths and camomile tea. Especially before bed.

Plus one more for good luck…

*** DH. Last thing at night, first thing in the morning, throughout the day, always in my heart.***

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  1. Happy birthday Donna! I had no idea our birthdays were so close! Mine was yesterday. I hope you had a fabulous day celebrating:)

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