Beyond Baked Beans – Chili Con Carne

Like so many things in my life these days, I learned about the “Beyond Baked Beans ” contest on twitter.  The concept is simple – blog a simple staple recipe that you made while at university to help new university students to start off with an easy bag of simple staple recipes when they head […]

Coming back to life…

One of the things they say is that triathlon is as much about the journey as it is the destination.  At each stage of training, you learn new things, discover more about yourself, try new things out, and see how these make you feel.  Then you do a race, see how all the training has […]

Product Review: Action Wipes

In early 2010 I received a tweet from Martha Van Inwegen – Martha offered to send me some Action Wipes .  I had heard about Action Wipes – basically like wet wipes but from natural ingredients and perfect for cycling, removing chain grease, and freshening up when you don’t have a shower close by.  I […]

Learning the Basics – A Good Bike Fit

At the end of March / beginning of April we went on holiday to Florida, bringing our bikes with us.  These two weeks away were a chance for us to get some miles of training under us, and also a chance for me to really take my (now-not-so) new bike on longer rides. I decided […]

Why do I tri?

In early 2010 I was asked to write a blog about why I “train through pain”. I have been mulling over the request for some time… Why am I doing this? Many people have also asked me to share a little about my nerve disease and how it impacts me. I have been mulling that […]

Me v Me: Round 1

Sunday was the start to my 2010 triathlon racing season.  I did the Blenheim Triathlon Sprint distance (750m swim – 20km bike – 5km run). It was my first chance to see how all the training I’ve been doing with Coach T has improved things since last season.  A chance to see how I felt.  […]