Product Review: Action Wipes

In early 2010 I received a tweet from Martha Van Inwegen – Martha offered to send me some Action Wipes .  I had heard about Action Wipes – basically like wet wipes but from natural ingredients and perfect for cycling, removing chain grease, and freshening up when you don’t have a shower close by.  I gratefully accepted the offer of a free sample, and said that I would do a product review in the interest of being fair and open about my experiences.

DH and I used the Action Wipes while we were on holiday in Florida .  I put them in my under-saddle tool kit and they came in so handy.  We used them to clean up after we changed flats (let’s just say the roads in Key West were littered with glass!) and we also used them to freshen up after riding when we would stop to get lunch (with our bikes in tow, before heading back to take showers).

I have done a lot of outdoor activities, including the 2008 Rallye Aicha des Gazelles , and I have used a lot of baby wipes in the past to try to clean up when hot and sweaty.  Although they worked, I hated them.  I have also used face wipes like Nivea but they don’t cut it for the body or when there is lots of dust around.  Action Wipes were different.  I *liked* them.  They did not coat me in oil, they did not dry my skin, they did not smell like baby powder.  They were fresh, cut through and cleaned off chain grease, but were not harsh.  DH liked them too.  So two thumbs up from us!

I bought more.  My sister and brother-in-law finally sent them to me in the UK, so now they are back in my under-saddle emergency pack.  I used them this morning to freshen up after my ride to work – I am sure my colleagues appreciated them too!

I told Martha I would do a review once I had the purchase back under my saddle, when I was using them again.  I wanted to write not only as a free sample beneficiary but as a converted customer. 

Maybe it is a sign that Martha is a master marketer.  I prefer to think of it as a sign that she has a great product, one that I would highly recommend.  Thanks Martha for converting me!

Note: In adherence with FTC blogging disclosure rules introduced from 1 December 2009, I would like to note that Life Elements Inc sent me an initial Action Wipes sample free of charge, no strings attached.  I told them I would do a review of the product, and if I liked them I would order more.  Well, I liked them and ordered and paid for more.  And I also wrote a blog that was not at all influenced by the free sample – if they were horrible I would have told you so.  For what it is worth, the views I express are mine alone – please use your own judgement and common sense before rushing into any product purchase.

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