Training Update: Week of April 15th and #bestfoot

If I had to describe the last few weeks of training, I would say that it’s been ground breaking for me.  The sheers hours of training have exceeded those I have done previously.  Now that I am training to power via my CompuTrainer my ability to understand how to consistently push the intensity of my […]

Product Review: Speedo Rift Pro Goggles

I was recently contacted by Simply Swim to see if I would be interested in trying out some free swim gear in exchange for a product review – specifically Speedo Biofuse fins, Speedo Rift Pro goggles and Speedo Biofuse finger paddles.  I am fairly conservative when it comes to accepting freebies and doing reviews – […]

Thought On: (The Loss of) Hope

Today my French teacher called me radical.  I differ.  I am not radical.  I am just not surprised by human nature, and I am deeply pragmatic. The bombing at the last mile of the Boston marathon was unconscionable.  It filled me with deep sadness. But – perhaps this is why she labelled me “radical” – […]

Endurance Foodies: A Homage to Red & White (Gnocchi)

This is my third month participating in the #endurancefoodies blog carnival.  What is that, you ask?  Well, Jason from Cook Train Eat Race is bringing together athletes who like to cook and eat to share recipes each month, with a theme to our postings.  This month’s theme?  A two-coloured palette.  Yep.  Make a meal in […]

#bestfoot: Week of April 8th Training in Review

Finally!  Last week was an excellent training week for me – all things came together, finally!  I had a good balance between training and life, I had flexibility to move things around to make sure everything scheduled was done, and for the first time perhaps all year I did absolutely EVERYTHING on my training plan!  […]

10 Months After Fractured Ribs

When you fracture something, you figure it will take time to heal.  Then you figure it will take time to rebuild.  And then you figure you will be back to normal, just like before. Break-heal-recover-fixed.  But no one ever tells you that sometimes you might have lingering pain. When I broke my ribs as a […]

7 Thoughts: On Disclosure

I started to blog about my journey to a healthy active lifestyle while managing chronic health issues in 2009.  When I started to write I just wanted to keep track of my own thoughts and feelings as I tried to get fit.  An unexpected outcome but an outcome I hoped for was that my experiences […]

#BestFoot: Week 5 in Review

I joined the #bestfoot spring challenge in April as an 8 week way to stay on top of my training and healthy habits.  I had never participated in one of these online training challenges before, so was curious.  I also figured that “going public” with my weekly training, especially since I no longer post on […]

A Pause Before the Weekend

I love it when people take the time to reach out. Personally I don’t do it often enough, but I am always picking up cards that remind me of friends, with the intention to sit down and dash a note just to let someone know I am thinking of them.  Someday I will be sending […]