#bestfoot: Week of April 8th Training in Review

Finally!  Last week was an excellent training week for me – all things came together, finally!  I had a good balance between training and life, I had flexibility to move things around to make sure everything scheduled was done, and for the first time perhaps all year I did absolutely EVERYTHING on my training plan!  A huge huge achievement for me as it means that I got the training AND recovery just right to enable me to stretch myself but not fall apart from the fatigue that often comes along and causes me to alter my plans. 

Last week was week 6 of the 7 week #BestFoot training challenge. 

My aim for the challenge has been to be more consistent with my training and in particular my rehab for my shoulder and knee.  Last week I definitely hit the mark with my training, although I only managed 3/7 days of self directed rehab (and 1 intense session with my physiotherapist Ellis Taylor). 

I really started to feel the fatigue from my training by the end of last week, but after a (predictable) collapse on the sofa on Saturday night, I finished off the week strong and very very happy with the way things are going.  I am not sure what this week will hold, as I have a lot of personal commitments to manage alongside of training, but I do have confidence now that I actually can manage my schedule and my nerve disease-related fatigue at the same time.  This is a huge step forward for me, and I think is an indicator that my overall fitness is entering new territories and that I am becoming more able to take on an increased training load.  Success!

Week of April 8th Training in Review

Swim: 2 hours
Bike: 4 hours 26 minutes (including more work on training witih power – which is completely exhausting!)
Run: 50 minutes (and my first three run week since December – finally building back while managing my knee situation!)
Bootcamp: 30 minutes
Yoga: 1 hour
Rehab: 5/7 days (although only 3 of these were self-directed sessions)

0: ZERO sessions skipped or modified in training plan (hooray!)

In addition to hitting all of my training sessions last week, I also hit some of my fastest 100m swim times ever.  I am finally making good progress in strengthening and quickening myself in the pool.  On Saturday at swimming I was extremely fatigued and still managed to hold onto a respectable 400m time trial time at the end of the session – I am pleased that my shoulders are holding up to an increased training load, although I still have some way to go when it comes to managing lingering post fracture pain

And I could literally hear a giant sigh of relief in London on Sunday as the sun shone and spring finally seemed to have arrived – I had a run on tired legs on Sunday afternoon but it was completely bearable with sunshine and a tank top.  At least that’s what I told myself!

Because it didn’t happen unless you posted a photo of it – right?

Here’s hoping that the good weather – and my ability to keep my fatigue at bay – is here to stay!

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