A Pause Before the Weekend

I love it when people take the time to reach out. Personally I don’t do it often enough, but I am always picking up cards that remind me of friends, with the intention to sit down and dash a note just to let someone know I am thinking of them.  Someday I will be sending a slew of cards out.

One of the most thoughtful people I know is my mother-in-law.  Some people have terrible relationships with their inlaws, but not me.  I would say that I really am lucky to love them and have them as family.  Yesterday I opened my email to this wonderful quote from her – I felt compelled to share it further, because it really is just so beautiful.  The photo is one that I took of daffodils that DH brought home, for no reason other than the simple fact that flowers make any room a happier place. 

“Be still. Listen.
Like you, the Earth breathes.
Your breath is alive with the promise of flowers.
Each time you blow a kiss to the world, you spread pollen that might grow to be a new plant.”
~ from the children’s book “You Are Stardust” by Elin Kelsey

(via the Brainpickings newsletter)

Just a little extra…  I have written before about exploring iPhone photography apps – here are the ones that I used for this composition: Perfectly ClearCrop SueyPhotoStudio (Filter: Pencil Paint 2) – Best Camera (fourth filter for brightening).

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