Book Review: Women Food and God

About 5 months ago on Twitter I noticed a post from Karen on her visit to the Kripalu Center.  I had read about the Center in Whole Living, and had always wondered what it was like.  So I asked her what she thought. “I didn’t really take in the institute or what it offers”, she […]

The Regimen Giveaway Wrap-up

Isn’t it crazy how one thought can lead to another?  The Regimen giveaway I hosted from the 7th to 17th of January closed last Monday evening.  And when I tried to log in to post my wrap up / retrieve the emails of entrants, I found myself suddenly thinking about how lucky I was to […]

Darren Smith: Canadian Paratriathlete

I asked Darren Smith to share his story about paratriathlon, and classification. Darren is a paratriathlete and has competed at the International Triathlon Union Paratriathlon World Championships in Vancouver as well as Budapest.  I met Darren on Twitter and we have exchanged messages about our lives as challenged athletes for almost 2 years now. Darren […]

Clare’s Take: Paratriathlon in the Paralympics

I asked Clare Cunningham, 2009 World Champion Paratriathlete (TRI4 classification, or arm impairment), if she would be willing to share her thoughts on the Paratriathlon Paralympic decision.  Clare kindly has contributed this guest post. I met Clare only briefly on the British Triathlon Federation Paratriathlon Open Day in late 2010.  But I think I have […]

Paratriathlon: A Paralympic Sport!

On December 11th, Paratriathlon was added as an official Paralympic sport, from the 2016 Rio Paralympic games. This marks a huge milestone for triathlon.  It shows that the sport is now inclusive, open to all types of athletes.  It is vital for challenged athletes, adding a clear goal and internationally recognisable milestone for many.  And […]

The Egmond 10.5k: Thankful

Sometimes when I run I have nothing running through my head – a complete zen experience.  Other times I have song lyrics.  Today I had one word, kind of on a repeat.  A two syllable word.  One syllable for the right foot, one for the left.  Over and over.  For about 7k.  That word?  Thankful. […]

Review and Giveaway – The Regimen

In November I was asked by Katie Morse if I would like to trial (for free) and review her new product, The Regimen, for a one month period.  I replied that I would be delighted to, as The Regimen is an online core and plyometric based workout program, and would have a nice fit into […]

Resolutions – My Team TBB Post

Back in November I was completely blown away.  Jocelyn Wong, one of my favourite professional triathletes (because of her blog, her “living the dream” spirit, her massive achievement of completing 18 ironmans already before the age of 30, and her drive to be the best), suggested me as a feature for her Team website.  Team […]

A Screw Loose…

…is not a good thing on cycle cleats. Today we went for a great ride in Suffolk.  I layered up (top tip – old moth eaten jumpers make for great cycling layers!), made sure I had on neoprene cycle booties (this is another foot saving tip for cold weather), and we set off.  On our […]