Stretch Tip #5: Adductors (part 3)

In part five of my series of sharing fitness tips, I bring to you another simple but vital stretch I do to keep my legs loose.  I have been doing these since 2007 – but not as often or regularly as I should!  I’ve been working with Michael Collins, London’s best sports therapist (in my […]

Maine and Massachusetts Mean Mojo

Well, when the London Triathlon was over, and I was collapsed on a bench in my back yard, barely conversant and enjoying seeing everyone at our traditional post triathlon bar-b-que, the last thing I wanted to think about was exercise. Or triathlon. Or training. I just felt totally spent. The week post-triathlon was a killer.  […]

The London Triathlon: Defining Our Own Limits

I am still in awe.  Writing the next sentence humbles me, overwhelms me, and is like a dream. But I know it is not a dream. My hip flexors and quads remind me. I finished the London Triathlon Olympic distance yesterday. I completely redefined my limits.  It was a humbling, emotional day.  And I smiled […]

That Golden Glowing Buzzing Feeling

Wow.  It is hard to write this post and to really capture exactly what I feel on the back of the weekend. I had one of those amazing weekends of training, where things just clicked and IT ALL FELT SO GOOD. A buzzing, glowing, golden feeling.  Do you know the feeling? I put myself in […]