Knee Update: I Know My Enemy

On Monday lunchtime I met with the knee doctor – who surprisingly was a bit more compassionate this visit (I suspect it is because he had a medical student shadowing him…) The result were not unexpected – clearly I am not doing my knees any favours by running, yes there is something wrong with my […]

Know Thy Enemy: Knee Update

I posted about how I was sucking it up and making a doctor’s appointment to get my left knee looked at. Today I want to give a little update on how that appointment went – and I also want to share some thoughts, about last week’s post, about my philosophy of life in general. Knee […]

Red Top Swim: Time to Make a Change

I started off my day with a swim today. A one-to-one session with one of my swimming coaches, Tim. The time has come to figure out how to swim. I know. How can I say this?  I have swum across the Chesapeake Bay. I can swim 1500 meters in less than 30 minutes.  Surely I […]

New Year Projects: iPhone Photos

Since I was about 10, I realised that New Year’s Resolutions just don’t work for me.  I wrote about this way back at the end of December 2009… About how for me, goals are the way forward. But I also do well when I set myself projects.  Project (n.) An individual or collective enterprise that […]

December in Numbers

If October was about change, and November was about patience-without-pushing, December was about adjustments.  I expected this would happen sooner or later – the stage when my body just decides it wants to stop cooperating for a while, when it goes through a period of adjustment.  This has happened each time I have changed up […]