What Happened to Monday?

Sunday:  we arrived back from a blissful two weeks in the mountain.Bam!  Hit by the jetlag stick.  In a big way.  The time difference is 7 hours, and flying east means that when the alarm clock went off on Monday morning at 7, I had only just managed to hit a deep sleep about 2 hours before.  Ugh.What happened to Monday?  I spent most of the day in a sleep deprived stupor, fighting through a mountain of emails that needing sorting, filing, replies…  And documents needing review.  And meetings to organise.  And negotiations to get ready for.  Straight back into work.  By the time 6 pm arrived, I felt sapped of energy.  But I had a few personal things to handle.Like opening my training schedule for the week.  I usually have Monday as a rest day, so I open my training plan for the week then.  Why open it early and ruin the surprise?  I took a deep breath.  Searched the email.  There is was.  Clicked it open.  Double clicked on the file.  (This whole training plan thing is both new and slightly daunting to me, so I held my breath as the file churned open.)8 sessions.  8 sessions to fit in!  And suddenly it dawned on me.  The toughest thing about being more structured with concrete goals will be to get the balance right.One thing that Terry said to me when I said I wanted a more structured approach to training – to up my distance and go for a new set of goals – was that I would need to train as much as possible without:a) Getting overly fatigued (a big concern for anyone, but particularly for folks with a nerve condition)b) Sacrificing my personal lifec) Sacrificing my workd) Sacrificing my social lifeAs summer draws to an end, training begins for 2010, and my work calendar heats up with future trips to China, Japan, and France within the next few months (and possibly Mexico and maybe the Middle East for good measure), getting the balance right is going to be key.(she says, taking a deep breath, and realising that she is no longer in the mountains)

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