Life Post Race

This is the first time post race I have felt – at least in my muscles – good.  Not sore.  Not like frankenstein.  Just… Good.

Going up stairs has been fine.  I have had a bit of swelling in my left knee, which I expected given its condition, and that has made going downstairs a bit more noticeable.  But god-awful soreness?  Like I had at the end of the Egmond quarter marathon in 2012, like I had after the London triathlon in 2010 and 2011?  Like what sent me to the doctor in January? Just not there.

What *is* different this time is how tired I am.


Basically, I feel like this cat.  Just tired. 

Which is a hell of a lot better than I used to feel after triathlons, which was more like this.

Bill the Cat, of Bloom County by Berkley Breathed, one of my favourite comic strips ever.

It is brilliant not to feel sore to the touch post-race.  I think it is a testament to how strong I have become, especially this past season.

I am sure the work commitments I’ve had this week, the wine I’ve enjoyed, that really hasn’t helped me to shake the fatigue.  But I know I can manage tiredness, and it sure is a lot nicer to manage than aches and pains and DOMS (delayed onset muscle soreness).

I’ve taken the foot off the gas and am enjoying some time “off” with absolutely nothing “planned” or “in my training schedule”.  I’ll be back to things soon enough.  I don’t feel any rush, except the rush to start doing some things that stretch me in new ways, the desire to continue to grow and be challenged. 

But for now?

Pass the duvet.

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