The FireMan Triathlon aka Racing in Irene

When we made our summer holiday booking this year, we thought of three things. Sun, Fun. Triathlon. Our summer vacation for 2011 would be in a beautiful placeand span the week before and after a triathlon, enabling us to do the sport we have grown to love in yet another new location.  The ultimate active […]


Thomas Edison said that “genius is 1% inspiration and 99% perspiration.” Following on from Edison, my source of inspiration is perspiration.  Inspiration According to the Oxford English Dictionary, inspiration is: The process of being mentally stimulated to do or feel something… What is my inspiration? When I grew up, my father always said: “Nothing good […]

In Memory Of…

Last year, on the 13th of August, a friend of mine lost her baby. Losing an almost full term baby is simply something that I cannot imagine.  The couple had tried for years to get pregnant, were finally successful, and overjoyed.  And seemingly overnight, their little Zachary, due to be born in only a month, […]

Parasport – Classification and All That…

So, after smashing through the 4 hour barrier at Sunday’s London Triathlon, I received a lot of questions.  Mostly about what it means.  And more poignantly, about where I will go from here.  Especially IF THINGS DO NOT GO AS PLANNED. You see, in the world of parasport (sport for athletes with a challenge – […]

Come Together: My 2011 London Triathlon

Sunday was the London Triathlon.  It was my second ever Olympic distance triathlon.  I honestly had no idea what the race would be like.  I decided to just show up, jump in, and see how it would all Come Together. Come Together it did!  3:30:24, achieving my aim of breaking the 4 hour barrier, smashing […]


Just like this ice bath: * Sunday’s London Triathlon was my first time (in the case of the olympic distance triathlon, of breaking 4 hours)… * …I was shocked when I realised it was going to happen… * …and I felt great after… An improvement of almost 35 minutes! And… By breaking the four hour […]