It’s All About Sacrifice…

When I attended the Strong Like Bull training camp in Spain, one of the comments made to me was that “it’s all about sacrifice.” I’ve been chewing on this comment ever since February.  Although it was made with regard to training for an ironman, the topic of sacrifice became a general conversation.  “In order to […]

The Rallye des Gazelles: Finding Myself

In March 2008, three years ago almost exactly to the date, I began my journey of becoming a “Gazelles”.  I participated in the Rallye Aicha des Gazelles, the women’s only navigational rally challenge through Morocco.  With nothing more than a compass, 1950s survey maps, a ruler and a calculator, teams make their way from checkpoint […]

What to do on a bad day…

I try to stay positive, upbeat and smile through adversity.  But everyone, and I mean everyone, has a bad day.  Myself included. Yesterday was one of those days.  It ended with me getting a tweet from my friend Laura: Tomorrow is new day.  How true.  Sometimes it is important to just draw a line under […]

Press Freedom – Thoughts for Lynsey

In 2008 I was fortunate enough to participate in the Rallye Aicha des Gazelles.  The rally is the sole women’s only rally challenge in the world – across Moroccan terrain teams navigate with nothing but a compass, ruler, and 1950s survey maps to seek out checkpoints.  The rally is not a speed challenge – but […]

A Good Bike Fit, revisited

Many of you may know that I have been having a few issues with my bike.  Bike rides were inflaming my peroneal tendons (the peroneal muscle atrophies in people with CMT, making us more susceptible to tendinitis).  Achy feet. No fun!  And also I was getting, well, a bit of pressure on the (ahem) “saddle […]

Donations: Every Little Counts

In November for my 40th birthday I accepted the challenge of doing 40 different things before the end of my 40th year.  I am not sure if I will complete everything on the list, but it is a great list and one that I am enjoying thinking of, even if I can’t do each thing. […]

On Triathlon Training Camps…

Recently Joe Friel, Author of “The Triathlete’s Training Bible”, blogged on the subject of choosing a training camp.  I thought this was rather timely, as I have just returned from the Strong Like Bull training camp in Spain. What Joe Says… Joe starts of his blog by stating that a training camp is one of […]

Chumbawamba: On Bikes and Bike Things

“I get knocked down, But I get up again, You ain’t ever gonna keep me down…” So… Strong Like Bull…  Where do I start? I think I’ll start with the bike.  It was, after all, a trip that was supposed to be all about the bike. First, John Hirsch lived up to his Twitter promise.  […]

Me and Running…

So… back to square one. Kind of. I started running in 2009, and I knew that it would be an uphill battle for me.  With funny joints (knees that can dislocate), high arched feet, and calf muscle atrophy, you could say that I started running with an inbuilt biomechanical series of challenges.  I had a […]