A Bit of Thumper Wisdom

In the past few weeks I have been astounded by the peoples of the internet. They all need to go back to Disney School to take heed of some Thumper Basics.

Why is it that when some folks aren’t forced to have an “in person” conversation but instead can sit behind a keyboard and screen, all common courtesies leave the house?

Rather than bore you with the lowdown of the behaviour lobbed at me and others – let’s face it, there are enough stories of trolls and there is enough gossip in our lives already – here’s a recap of Thumper’s wisdom. Yep. From the mouth of our favourite floppy eared friend.

Who knew Disney was the source of such pithy wisdom? Ok – all parents know this. Disney is a part of the “how we teach kids societal norms” and parents incorporate it into their kids viewing for a reason (a reason other than cute bunny rabbits)…

Clearly the people lobbing the insults I have seen in the last month must have either had parents who did not subscribe to the Disney school of parenting, or they forgot their Thumper basics!

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