Have I Bitten Off Too Much?

Yesterday at the Triathlon England London regional committee meeting, I put forth my ideas for some projects to encourage the growth of paratriathlon and the education of our clubs, event organisers, and coaches. It was exciting stuff. Exhilarating. Positive. I felt a tremendous buzz and optimism from the discussion, finally, FINALLY I was able to start to bring life to my ideas, my passions.

Tom Chant chairing the Triathlon England London region meeting (photo credit: Jon Train)


But then on the walk home, I found myself feeling a bit overwhelmed and frankly a little scared. Fear loomed.

Was I biting off too much? Was I too ambitious? Would I be able to deliver my ideas?

I woke up this morning to an email from the Skinny Dip Society 10-day challenge (I signed up to this because I saw Sonja post a beautiful photo on Instagram and thought – hey! that looks like something I’d love doing!)

Anyway, that email… The challenge today was to burn up your fear. And after last night, the fear I needed to transform was that the task is too big for me to handle

I mulled it over. How could I transform my fear. My fear that I have bitten off more than I can chew, that I won’t be able to deliver my promises? By adding a few simple words, I created a path toward success and instantly reduced my fears. I embedded a reminder to myself.

NO task is too big for me to handle – if I remember it’s ok to ask for support!

2016-02-24 fear

Support has been offered to me in lots of ways to help to transform my ideas into realities. I just need to remind myself that it is OK to follow up and ask. I do not have to climb this mountain alone – in fact, it will be a whole lot more fun the more people I can get on board… And lots of people WANT me to succeed.

Transforming fears. One word at a time!




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