Dreaming of Spa Days

It’s September and that means one thing – CMT Awareness Month. During the month of September I will be using my blog to play a part in raising Awareness with an “alphabet challenge” – blogging a letter / key word almost every day.  Today is brought to you by the letter M. I hope my month of blogging will help you to learn more about CMT – the most common but least well known hereditary nerve disorder – and me. And I hope this will also help to raise funds for the Charcot Marie Tooth Association to support its efforts to find a treatment for CMT. You can join me in learning more about CMT by clicking onto www.cmtausa.org and of course a donation would be wonderful too!

I woke up this morning dreaming of a day at the spa. Full of massages and relaxation. And warm swimming pools. And naps. And candles. And nice smells.

For people with CMT, massage is therapeutic. Our nerves don’t work right, causing our muscles to atrophy. A good massage – especially of the sports variety – can loosen up those atrophied muscles and make tight and sore feet and legs feel almost normal.

I realised today that I have not seen my sports therapist (Magic Hands) since before the London Triathlon. That means it has been since July. No wonder I feel beaten up, and am dreaming of massages!

Time to fix that, and make an appointment. It’s not a luxury for me, but something that keeps me mobile and moving.

And maybe while I’m at it I will look into booking a nice-smelling-candles-and-soft-music-spa-massage too. A girl can dream, right?!

It’s CMT Awareness Month. Today’s post was brought to you by the letter “M” – massage, movement, muscles, and Magic Hands. You can learn more about CMT and donate to support the search for a treatment for this (at present) incurable progressive degenerative nerve disease at www.cmtausa.org — Thank you!

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