Friday Food: 30 Minute Meal – Duck with Cannellini Beans

On Wednesday evening we got home from the gym and as an unexpected treat, DH took over in the kitchen.  I know I am lucky in that my husband cooks – and cooks really really good food.  He has been more adventurous recently – including a recent Friday evening meal that has become a new favourite – duck breast served with cannellini beans and spinach (I added the spinach to the menu, he’s not a big fan but I love leafy greens!)

This meal is super simple, and went from frying pan to plate in about 25 minutes total time. But it tasted just like you would get in a top quality restaurant. Yes. I know I am spoiled!

The Menu

Pan seared duck breast (cooked so the duck is still pink on the inside)
Cannellini (Italian white) beans in Marsala wine and rosemary
Steamed spinach

Shopping List

Duck breasts
Cannellini beans – one can / jar
Wine for the beans – I think the sweeter marsala wine was nice, but you could easily do this with sweet sherry or a white wine
Rosemary sprigs
Frozen spinach (you could do it from fresh but I have frozen spinach in the refrigerator as a “go to” vegetable)
Salt and Pepper

estimated cost of meal (excludes wine as we had some at home): £10 (approximately $16)

Kitchen equipment needed

2 pans (one for the duck and cannellini beans, one for the spinach)
1 sharp knife (to score the duck skin)
Something to turn the duck
Something to open the can or jar of beans (we used a jar)
A wooden spoon to break up and stir the spinach

Preparations and Steps

1.  Put a large non-stick pan on a hob and heat with just a little oil
2.  Lightly score (draw your knife across) the duck breast skin, just to have a nice pattern that looks like hash marks
3.  Place duck in pan skin side down for about 10 minutes
4.  Turn over duck breast.
5.  Add splash of wine to pan (about 2-3 tablespoons) and simmer alcohol for about a minute
6.  Add beans and rosemary, salt and pepper, and simmer.

7.  While beans are simmering add spinach to a small pan and steam / heat through.
8.  Everything was finished at about the 20-25 minute mark.
9.  Serve and enjoy!

If you have never cooked duck at home before – don’t worry!  We hadn’t either until last year, when a red cabbage delivery in our veg box prompted us to try to make duck breast at home served with red cabbage and apples.  We wanted our duck meat like restaurant chefs serve it – kind of pink – so don’t be scared to cut into the meat to see if it has reached the right colour for you – we do that all the time, that is the different between restaurants and home cooking grin

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