Chocolate Sorbet

I spent the weekend in Texas and just got back to London this morning.  It seems like London and Texas had the same weather over the weekend – hot and sunny.  Perfect ice cream weather.  After I finished the CapTexTri and headed to the airport I managed to squeeze in a visit to Amy’s ice cream.  My friend Shawn suggested it.  A delicious treat on a hot day. 

By the way, I have a lot to say about the CapTexTri and the USAT Paratriathlon race this weekend.  I need to figure out how to best slice and dice the various aspects of the weekend, how to best blog to capture the full range of emotions and experiences I had.  I think one word sums it up for me – PROFOUND.  But that is a blog post for another day…

I bet you lots of people are checking out all the great link’s on Kavey’s blog for her ice cream challenges – especially with this weather.  May’s challenge theme?  Chocolate.  My creation? Coffee enhanced dark chocolate sorbet.  Based on a River Cafe classic, this recipe is super easy, dairy free, and super delicious.  I may have to churn some again for the Jubilee weekend.  It is just that good.  Once I get some sleep that is.  It has been a long few days!

Coffee Enhanced Dark Chocolate Sorbet



150g dark cocoa powder (I used Green & Blacks – next time I’ll use Montezuma’s drinking chocolate)
250g caster sugar (fine white sugar)
650ml water
1 double espresso (I brew locally roasted Nude Espresso at home – otherwise you could sub in 150ml of whatever coffee you have to hand)



1. Boil the water, add the sugar and boil for about 5 minutes.  Cool sugar syrup mixture.
2. Add coffee and cocoa powder and cook over low heat (do not boil – just heat!) for 15 minutes. Stir to make this very smooth and shiny.
3. Pour into your ice cream machine and churn until frozen, or do the usual freeze until semi-frozen, blend, semi-freeze and blend, for a total of three blendings before finally freezing to serve.

DH swears that this is his favourite yet.  Although the strawberry frozen yoghurt I have been making is also competing for the crown.  But I have to admit, this is extremely good. Addicting even.  Enjoy.

This entry is a part of the Bloggers Scream for Ice Cream challenge run by Kavey.

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  1. This sounds so delicious. I’m drooling all over my keyboard. I am going to the market today to get the ingredients, so I can make it tonight.

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