Cybher Meet & Greet

On Saturday I will be going to Cybher, the blogging conference held in London with the awesome tagline “Geek is the New Chic”.

Anyway, I’m excited about going for a whole host of really geeked out reasons.  Before I registered in March I often said that I wished that the UK had conferences for its blogging community like those in the US.  And then POW – I landed on the Cybher site. Fate.  It must be fate. I also need to learn more about WordPress.  Although this site is designed and managed on Expression Engine (which I have ZERO clue about) I manage two other sites on WordPress – one for my local community group and of course, the 52 Weeks of Baking collaborative.  And man oh man do I need some WordPress tips!  And getting back to the vibrant blogging community in the UK – I am really excited about meeting the people I follow on Twitter (some of whom I have followed for YEARS but only met with once or twice)…

Anyway, as is the tradition, here is my Meet & Greet, posted just in time for the big day.  Very much looking forward to it all, and see you there!

Name: Donna
Blogs: and
Twitter ID: @donna_de (and can also be found occassionally managing @52weeksofbaking and @spitalfieldssoc)
Height: 5’7” (or 170 cm)
Hair: Brown and shoulder length (which is about 8 inches shorter than it was last week and this photo)

5 things about me

1.  I’m going to be late to Cybher as I swim on Saturday mornings. I can’t miss swimming because I am doing the US Paratriathlon National Championships in two weeks time – eek! I feel totally unprepared and undertrained. And if you ask me about paratriathlon, be prepared as I can talk about sport for hours (and paratriathlon is now a paralympic sport from 2016!)
2.  I’ve lived in the UK for 15 years and have British citizenship, but you’d never know it as my American accent has not dulled with time.
3.  I never expected to still be in London after all these years – I grew up in Hawaii and let’s just say I somehow thought I’d live in a sunnier climate. But I’m here, and I love it. I don’t think I could ever lose interest in London (although I am definitely OVER the weather!)
4.  I feel like I never have enough time to do everything I want to – which consequently also means that I HATE it when other people waste my time. Of course, it is totally fine if I waste my own time.  No, I don’t see a contradiction in this at all.
5.  I may be quiet when you first meet me, but I am liberal with my opinions once you get to know me. And honest with them too.

See you on Saturday.  And for the full link of all the Cybher Meet & Greets, click here.

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