Vitamix Experiments: Orange Sorbet

Late last year, to celebrate the end of YEARS of planning and renovations in our house, I bought myself some kitchen toys – including a Vitamix.  Since then I have been experimenting with it – like making the curry paste for my version of Nigel Slater’s Thai Green CurrySO EASY! And milling my own nut flour for my first ever gluten free cake.  And of course, morning smoothies.  But I had heard that the Vitamix ROCKS for making sorbets – quick and easy frozen desserts that take all of 2 minutes to make, are super healthy, and delicious.  I had to try this!

My orange sorbet experiment fit in really nicely with the Kavey Eats April Ice Cream Challenge – sorbets, granitas, shaved ice, slushies and spoom.  And it also satisfied my ice cream sweet tooth (I love ice cream)…  Super easy, the fruit in this recipe can easily be substituted.  I had pear sorbet in Paris last week, and totally think that is going to be my next flavour.  And I can’t wait to try strawberry.

Seriously, I am so glad I bought a Vitamix.  Best. Kitchen. Toy. Ever.

Vitamix Orange Sorbet



2 peeled oranges
3 cups ice
squeeze of honey (about 2 tablespoons)

Note: Many recipes call for about a quarter cup of sugar or thereabouts for Vitamix sorbets – I used honey as a substitute.  I think it worked ADEQUATELY although I do see why sugar would be used, as it is a pure sweetener without its own distinct taste layered into the fruit.  That said, I do think pear and honey will be DELICIOUS, and I like any recipe that uses something other than refined sugar.



Add everything to blender. Mix, starting on the low setting 1, and moving up gradually to about 8. I blended for about 2 minutes to get a smooth icee consistency.

Eat and enjoy!

This blog post is a part of the Kavey Eats Ice Cream series.  You can find my other entries here (the custard challenge – my cookie dough ice cream), and here (the childhood memories challenge – my dairy free pineapple coconut ice cream, which I think needs a bit more tweaking but is still tasty!)

8 responses to “Vitamix Experiments: Orange Sorbet”

  1. Not heard of a Vitamix before, sounds very versatile. This looks wonderfully refreshing and I really like the sound of pear and honey sorbet…

  2. Hi Kavey – thanks for the comment, I can’t wait to try pear and honey. The Vitamix is basically a heavy duty blender, like they have in the smoothie shops. I love having it at home – it is an indulgence purchase but one I use daily, kind of like my coffee machine, so worth it for me!

  3. Hi Donna, ah ok so the Vitamix doesn’t chill? Your recipe instructions don’t mention the chilling part of the process, did you freeze your fruit before blending or did you pop the resulting puree into the freezer afterwards?

  4. Hi Kavey – the Vitamix does not require freezing after mixing – unless you have leftovers that is!  Basically the blender is the same as the ultra high speed high power blenders you see at Starbucks for Frappucinos or at a smoothie shop.  It is just that when the proportion of ice or frozen items is increased, it creates an ice cream or sorbet.  This is due to the high speed in which the mixing occurs.

    The photo I took was literally straight out of the blender and into bowl!

    Here is the link to the recipe section of the site for more ideas:

  5. Those blenders are also £700 and have 3 bhp lol, i used this recipe in a thermomix and was really refresing, finished in i/c machine as i mis judged the recipe

  6. Thanks for your comment. 

    For clarity and info:  The Vitamix is not £700. Mine was around the £300 mark, currently retailing on John Lewis for £420.  Thermomix depending on your model retails for between £200 and £800.

  7. Regardless of whether the vitamix is £300 or £700, I do admit that it is a kitchen treat and an expensive one at that.  The same effect of blending for sorbet can be achieved with a standard blender or food processor. Simply combine items, blend, then freeze until partially frozen, remove and blend again, partially refreeze, blend again, and freeze one last time.  I have done this with a food processor and it is time consuming but possible. Enjoy!

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