Thursday Thought: EXPOSED!

Thanks to Twitter I have learned about the “Exposed” movement…

A movement in which people (men and women) photograph themselves.  Post the photos on their blogs.  And comment away, on their photos, to try to share who they really are.  All with a healthy focus on body image.

I have decided to Expose myself for my first Thursday blog of 2010.  Thursday is the day I dedicate to posting my thoughts – about life, the universe and everything.  And today, I post some thoughts about myself.  And my reasons for getting involved in triathlon and being fit.  As comments on my photo.

I asked DH to take this photo as my 2010 “Before Triathlon Season” shot.  It will be interesting to see what my “Post Triathlon Season” shot looks like in September!

And the measurements I care about and plan to track monthly:

(in centimetres)                                                 
Ankle:  (left) 21.0; (right) 22.0
Two inches above ankle:  (left) 25.7; (right) 26.7
Calf (widest point): (left) 37.5; (right) 38.5
Medial quad (circumference just above knee when flexed): (left) 40.5; (right) 40.5

(Note:  I also have some other measurements which I will post once I get my total body checkup in a few weeks… Things like % body fat, % hydration, stress response, and creatine level – the only amino I had a minor variance from normal with last year.  I suspect I will post those on a normal Monday post…)

If you want to read more about Mish Gay and the Exposed movement, click here.

And if you want to blog and Expose yourself, make sure to email Mish or tweet her to let her know when you have!

8 responses to “Thursday Thought: EXPOSED!”

  1. WOO HOO! Look at you GO! I love the way you divided it. And I am excited to see the comparison shot.You are strong and beautiful!

  2. I LOVE IT. What a cool way to display your body, what it’s doing/has done/overcome.Thank you for sharing this!~M

  3. I wasn’t positive if folks could read all the comments on the photo, so I’m glad you could!I can’t wait to see what September will look like.  Thanks so much for this wonderful idea Mish…

  4. Donna,Awesome!!  And brave!  What a great thing you are doing, showing the world who YOU are!  And I love that you are competing in triathlon – I do too, and find it’s a great sport, and a great way to exercise!  Looking forward to the comparison later in the year (although you look amazing right now!).

  5. Donna…I am in awe of your courage, strength and beauty.  I love the “exposed” movement and think that there is nothing more gorgeous than a women who is comfortable in her own skin.  You absolutely rock!!!Happy 2010 to you my friend!

  6. Thanks Emily – I am not sure if it is my skin or my lycra that I am more comfortable in at the moment – ha ha!Best wishes to you for 2010!Donna

  7. Thanks Lance! Triathlon is an amazing sport. One of the things I have to do with my nerve condition is to keep working out, and with triathlon training I never get bored, and feel compelled to keep training – it is brilliant!  We’ll see what this season brings.

  8. Hi Katy – thanks for reading my Exposed post! I read yours when you first did it and love that you believe in pizza beer and cookies in a healthy way – that’s completely my philosophy too.  Good luck with training for the upcoming tri season – I should be in your neck of the woods (Orlando) in July (I know, so hot!) so let me know if there are any races then!

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