Stretch Tip #3: Adductors (part 1)

In part three of my series of sharing fitness tips, I bring to you another simple but vital stretch I do to keep my legs loose.  I will be posting these more regularly now, as in-season training starts and stretching becomes more and more vital for my movement. I’ve been working with Michael Collins, London’s best sports therapist (in my opinion anyway!), for three years now.  Triathlete, multiple Ironman, friend and supporter of mine, Michael’s insights and tips have been invaluable for me.  Although they may seem simple and intuitive, when I do these regularly I really feel the difference in my sense of movement and fluidity.  Michael and I work through these stretches each time I see him.  I will post the full series of stretches of all muscles involving the knee.  This is the third stretch, there are eleven stretches we do in this series.  We have upgraded the series to now show proper photos – bye bye Mr Stick Figure Man, unless someone wants him back (by popular demand he can reappear).  Maybe one day we will get around to doing a video.  But I fear I may squirm too much for public viewing!Adductor Stretch (Part 1)Stretches:  Gracilis, Pectineus, Adductor Magnus, Longus and BrevisSource: WikipediaContracts:  Gluteus medius, minimus, TFL, SartoriusHow to:1.  Lay on your back, legs straight.2.  Using a stretch band, pull the leg to the outside (spreading the leg out) as far as possible, but do not let the leg rotate.3.  To enhance the stretch, the non-active leg can be placed over the side of the couch.4.  Return to the center, and repeat.Repeat 10 times, doing 2 sets of 10, on each leg.  Make sure to fully release each time you stretch.Note:  You can also see in the photo that sometimes using a belt (to strap you onto a table or bench) can be useful to prevent rotation or movement of the hips.  This really works for me.  I think these belts can be purchased on most physiotherapy sites.  Or I guess seatbelts can be reclaimed from cars, right?  I do my stretches at home on a bench so the belt is easily used.  I think on a bed it would be a bit more difficult.  On the floor impossible!Good luck and let me know how you get on.

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