Reflections: Love

(I would like to thank Mish at Eating Journey for inspiring me to think about love – she is publishing the extracts of many bloggers Self Love posts during the month of February on her blog – check it out.)I love…First light in the morningBreathing fresh airThe sound of waves crashing on the shore,Beach sand between my toesEmpty desert landscapes,Clear, unbroken, blue sky horizonsMovement -Being able to swim, bike and run Laughing when it all gets too muchMy absolute determination and willpowerBeing at peace with myself -Putting it all into perspectiveA hug, a hand squeeze, a pat on a shoulder –  showing that you care, showing you that I care…Breathing deeplyUnexpected colours at sunsetShades of violet -The smell of night blooming jasmineLife…Note:  These images were photographed by me. The top image is of Copacabana Beach in Rio de Janeiro Brazil in the morning light, January 2002.  The bottom image is of the Wahiba Sands in Oman as the sun was setting, February 2007.

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