Paratriathlon: Giving Back

I have written before about my core values – my belief system that my parents helped to shape…

If you can do something, do it.
If you can give something, give it.
If you love something, figure out a way to give back to it.

It is no surprise to anyone who reads this blog that I LOVE TRIATHLON. Through the sport I basically reclaimed my life. And then some.

In early October at my club‘s aquathlon I was chatting with our club chair Rohan about paratriathlon. And he asked me if I had ever considered standing for the Triathlon London committee to represent paratriathlon. To give back.

To be honest with you, I hadn’t thought of it. Last year I spoke at the November Triathlon London meeting, sharing my ideas on how the London area could better support paratriathlon. I was delighted when Triathlon London adopted a “league within a league” to support paratriathletes participating in London League events.

But could I do more? Could I give back more to paratriathlon? Could I figure out ways to introduce more people to the sport that has given me so much.

So I put myself forward to serve on the Triathlon London as the paratriathlon committee representative. And on October 13th I was elected.

Triathlon London Logo

I have a lot of ideas. But first things first.

How many paratriathletes are there in London? And how many could we have?

#excitingtimes #beatinglimitations

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