Never Afraid

This past weekend we went to Paris for our annual pre-Christmas getaway. We go every year, for a weekend of together time before the holiday season arrives full force. This year was a little different. A lot of people asked if we would cancel our weekend as a result of the November 13th attacks. My response: No. Way. We chose to go, to not give in to threats. to keep living. As this sign at the Place de la Republique says: Never Afraid.

NEVER AFRAID - MEME PAS PEUR - Place de la Republique - 5 Dec 2015


I can’t say that thoughts of the attacks and all those who lost their lives were not in my mind. They were. In fact, it was hard not to be overwhelmed with the sadness and loss, as we stayed only about a five minute walk from The Bataclan.

But we carry on. As our taxi driver said on Friday night when we arrived, we carry on living for those who no longer can.

There is a saying:

Do one thing every day that scares you.

And here’s my take on it, following the Paris events:

Don’t let others sway you from your path because they try to scare you.

Be it in travel, life in general, or in sport – don’t let others cause you to stray from your choices because they make you feel scared or unsure. Set big goals, dare to dream, do not be afraid.


Or never be so afraid that you don’t try.

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