My 2010 Charity Fundraising

It’s 2010…  That means a new year, a new race calendar, and for me, choosing which charity to support with my athletic efforts…And this year I will be supporting CMTA – the Charcot Marie Tooth Association, and their STAR campaign to accelerate research and find a cure for the most common type of the most common neurological disorder, which impacts 1 in 3300 people, including me!I’m excited about 2010… Charities need strong voices and strong support to enable them to make a difference.  Through my athletic efforts I am excited to help CMTA to raise awareness and funds.  And I am excited to see how much strength I can develop, even with slow nerves!I started 2010 with a pledge to donate 25 cents for each follower I have on Twitter to kick off my fundraising campaign.  On 1 January I had 1204 followers – meaning a donation to CMTA of $301!Then on Friday morning Eric Harr started my twitter morning with another $250 for CMTA – he offered to write a check to everyone who commented on his blog / sent him a message on Twitter with their favourite charity!  So far he is donating about $25,000 and will be hosting a UStream session on February 1st to write the checks.  Amazing!  Eric’s generous offer staggered me, and I am so excited that he will be supporting me in my 2010 fundraising campaign and raising awareness for CMT at the same time.In the past I’ve supported some great charities – in the memory of friends, in support of friends, and at the suggestion of friends.  I have met some great people through the events I have done and have come to know some great organisations.  I will continue to support these charities in my heart and through the fundraising efforts of others.  I want to pay tribute to all the great events I have done and support I have received as I start 2010…  Thank you to everyone who has supported me over the years, and who gave to the charities I promoted.  It has motivated me in each step I’ve taken, and to cross the finish line in each race.  And my efforts have raised nearly £10,000 since 2003 for charity – an amount that is a testament to the generosity of others, and your belief in me…I started my fundraising in 2003, with my participation in the Half Moon midnight walking half marathon.  The Moonwalk series goes to support breast cancer charities.  I did the Half Moon in memory of my mother, and in honour of my friend Maria, and so many others who were fighting breast cancer.  In 2007 I decided to fundraise for breast cancer through my participation in triathlon.  I have done the London Triathlon sprint distance since 2007, and in 2009 also did the RUSH sprint triathlon in Rexburg Idaho.I have supported Women for Women International, wearing their logo across Morocco in the Rallye des Gazelles, and in Paris at the La Parisienne 6k.I’ve also had a chance to fundraise for Alzheimer’s-related charities…And Leukaemia Research…There are so many opportunities to use sport to fundraise for charity.  I thank everyone for supporting my efforts, and will keep you posted on my training, fundraising, and the CMTA throughout 2010.  And I will continue to blog on Wednesday about charity fundraising.  I can’t wait to spotlight folks who are also doing their best for charity through sport!

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