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A few weeks ago my friend Jeannie asked me if I would like to participate in the My 7 Links blog project.  The project – launched by Tripbase – is designed to unite people who blog from all sectors through an effort to share lessons learned and to create a bank of perhaps forgotten blog posts that deserve the light of day again.

The rules are pretty simple.  Answer the 7 questions with 7 links (I include a little rationale too) and then nominate up to 5 other people who blog to spread their links.

So, without further ado…

My 7 Links

– Most Beautiful Post:  The Reason Why

I just like this – a stream of consciousness poem I wrote when reflecting on the topic of “why do you run”… I have always written random poems. With my site I occassionally share them (like this one)…

– Most Popular Post: Great Chesapeake Bay Swim Part 1

My most popular post was definitely my London 2012 Gamesmaker Interview post.  But as the selection process nears and the Gamesmaker rules have been distributed (which do not permit blogging or commenting about the London 2012 Gamesmaker participation except through official Olympic channels) I pulled that post.

So my most popular still listed post (in terms of views) is this one.  My husband also says he likes this post the best of any that I have ever written. 

– Most Controversial Post:  Why do *you* have a *coach*?

This post is not controversial in nature. But the comments I received on it, and the discussion that ensued on Twitter, was. Somewhat. It is what spurred my rethink about how I organise and benefit the most from using social media like Twitter – sometimes it takes a shouting match where the other person does not listen to effect change.

– Most Helpful Post: Fitting in Fitness

I travel a lot for my job, and these are some hints and tips on how to fit in fitness while on the road.  And some photos from my autumn trip to Asia.

– Surprisingly Successful Post: My Gamesmaker Interview (no longer live)

If success is measured in terms of traffic, this for sure was my Gamesmaker post. I was absolutely shocked with the statistics of views and google searches (into the thousands).  I hope while it was live it helped someone to understand the process, and to share in the excitement of maybe being able to volunteer at the Olympic Games.

– A Post that Didn’t Get the Attention It Deserved: My Reaction – Paratriathlete Sues USAT

I think paratriathlon, as a new Paralympic sport, is not widely understood.  I love participating in triathlon, the sport has given so much to me as a paratriathlete.

The lawsuit brought by blind triathlete against the USA Triathlon federation could radically alter the way in which classification of athletes is approached, and tests the responsibilities for accommodating athletes in sporting events. 

The comment from another blind triathlete also sparks more food for thought.

I welcome you to read this or to do a search on my blog to read more about paratriathlon.

– Post I Am Most Proud Of: Thoughts with Yemen

Not many people have been to Yemen, so with the ongoing chaos of the country I decided to post my photos and thoughts from my travels there.  To me the disturbances happening right now are not just something on the news – they impact my friends and colleagues. I still follow the developments daily as the outcome is far from over.

People I have nominated to share their 7 links

Only 5?  Going through my blog reader I selected 5 women whose interests are varied, although they each have a love of triathlon.  Their blogs always make me smile, and are a delight to see in my reader unread count (something to look forward to).  If you don’t read them, please click through and check them out.

Katie (Run This Amazing Day)

Jocelyn (The Wongstar)

Sonja (GoSonja… live for adventure)

Lindsay (Lndsy with an A)

Katy (Katy Widrick: Healthy Living in a Hectic World)

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