Flexibility (and I don’t mean the yoga variety)

Last week was a challenge.  We flew in from the US on Sunday, and then back to the grindstone on Monday, a full work week (or so I thought) combined with adjusting to a 7 hour time difference, and having to fit in 8 training sessions.Or so I thought…Last week wound up being a week for me to test my ability to adapt, adjust and BE FLEXIBLE.I am learning how to work with a training schedule, or rather, how to use the schedule in a way that works for me.  I need to fit all the sessions in, and I realise they are planned in a sequence on purpose, but I have a feeling that for my training it is going to be trial, error, and adjustment.  This is mostly due to my relentless work schedule, but also until October I have a lot of personal travel in the mix.So besides my usual swapping things around (so I can train at the Big Boy 50m Pool with friends), changing the bike days so I can get to my favourite spin class (Eliot at Virgin Active Broadgate, 7 in the morning on Tuesdays, more like a proper cycle class taught by a roadie rather than a stupid jump around spin class taught by someone who doesn’t own a bike), and weather related adjustments (welcome back to England!) – I also had to change things around so that I could go away for a family weekend by the seaside in Suffolk.  Flexibility.  Changing my “schedule” on the hoof is not something I am good at – but this week I did a good job.  And I’m proud of that!  I can report that the first week of my “post-season” training went well, when all was said.  Sadly one of my swim sessions was a victim to my need for flexibility, but on the plus side I had a bit more cycling in the mix due to my cycle commutes and spending time on the crappy mountain bikes we have at the seaside.  I hit 7 out of 8 sessions structured sessions.  The coming week is a “recovery week” with the intensity scaled back a bit and 7 sessions.  I am not sure what the challenge or learning of my week will be – but I am sure there will be at least one!  And speaking of flexibility, I hope I can build the time in to add a yoga session back into my training – I miss it!  I had to stop yoga in 2007 when I dislocated my elbow, but as that is well and truly stable now, I think I should find a suitable class.  Suggestions on type of yoga welcome!

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  1. Great post! I followed it from your twitter post. I’m glad to read that I’m not the only one that has to change the schedule around to make it fit with my life. I like how you framed it as being flexible. Like you, I feel if the workout is on the schedule it MUST be done. But, as you’ve described, I’ve been learning that training plans need to be flexible and if most of it gets done, well that’s a successful week. Congrats on a successful season!~ Maria (twitter – @maslife)

  2. Thanks Maria! Just like your blog about trying new things you read about, I think even a training schedule needs to be tried and adapted to what works for me. I am still learning how hard I can push myself, how frequent I can train without crashing, if twice a day works for me, how to fit the schedule into my unpredictable work life – you name it!I hope the process makes stepping up my distance for next year, and beyond, both do-able and fun!  I really appreciate your support.  Donna

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