Building CMT Awareness – Who’s Wearing Your Shirt

As you may have guessed, I reached a milestone birthday last week Wednesday.  I turned 40.

When asked what I wanted for my birthday, I was a bit stumped.  In all honestly I am much better at giving presents than receiving. 

So for my 40th birthday I decided to celebrate the occassion by giving something to the charity I am supporting – the Charcot Marie Tooth Association and their efforts to find a cure for CMT, the most common neurological disorder.

What to give?  Of course I could donate money.  Every little helps when it comes to fundraising and finding the resources to support the vital research efforts underway.  But I already donated to the CMTA this year…  I wanted to find something a bit different, something with a twist…  Something that would hopefully lead to a multiplier effect…

In early 2009 I learned about an individual, Jason Sadler, whose idea was so simple – yet so impactful.  Basically, Jason turned himself into a human billboard, offering to “Wear Your Shirt” and photograph himself in it, post videos on YouTube, cross link to Facebook, and to tweet about “your shirt”.

Jason has been featured on television, print media, and all over the web – and by 2010 the t-shirt wearing expanded to the point where Evan White joined Jason – turning the human billboard into a bi-coastal two man show.  And in 2011?  Five people.  I’m still waiting for the day they will take it global!

Capturing attention through new media…  Through something as simple as wearing a t-shirt…  Now, this caught my attention.

So this is what I gave to the CMTA for my birthday – a day on the IWearYourShirt calendar.

We chose a day in September, to coincide with CMT Awareness Week (whether this will be a week or month is still to be determined).

I am really excited to work with the CMTA to come up with a catchy t-shirt and promotional day.  Marketing is far from my skill base – but I have passion when it comes supporting the CMTA so hopefully that will spark creative ideas, energy, and help in the efforts to build awareness about the quest to find a cure for CMT.

And I look forward to working with Jason.  He is a top notch guy with the ability to turn bad situations into good ones, and has a kind heart to boot.  Did I mention that he sent me flowers for my 40th birthday?  I was totally blown away.

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  1. Hey Donna – you and I have a lot in common!  I’m originally from London, now live in Washington DC and have a diagnosis of CMT too!  I don’t have quite as inspiring a story to tell as you do, but keep up the good work!  My husband (no CMT) will be doing a triathlon next year, so will share with him your experiences.  Best, Susan

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