Another round of #i8this!

This Friday is the deadline to think of your #i8this challenge topics. 

The #i8this hashtag on Twitter was created by Christine Lynch, aka the Holisticguru.  Christine is a nutritionist and an athlete, and has a great blog .  And the last #i8this challenge was super fun and had me connecting with people all over the world, motivated to eat better and to be nicer to my body.  Another Twitter success story – can you tell I’m hooked?!  So of course when the ‘guru tweeted that another round of #i8this was starting, I definitely was in…

This round of #i8this is different than the first one.  Rather than tweeting photos of what we eat, this time we will set goals, individual specific goals, and tweet about what we are doing.  I want to record my goals on my blog.  I may tweet about them, but I will definitely do a round up of my progress with them on this blog.

So here you go.  My Round 2 #i8this goals:

  Drink more water and improve my hydration.  In particular, make sure I have one litre before lunch as I often “forget” to drink until the afternoon when I realise I am dehydrated.  Especially important as I exercise at night, so need hydration in the morning to continue the recovery.  Do this for 7 days.
  Remember something I learned at the start of the year – to swallow each bite before I take my next.  Too much information?  Well, I challenge you to pay attention to how you eat.  When I realised I was doing this I was grossed out.  So time to make sure I am correcting this behaviour and check in on it again. Again, for 7 days.
  Finish reading the Marc David “Slow Food Diet” – I put it down, it is time to revisit it.  And continue to apply the lessons to my life.  I will continue with my one chapter a week until it is done.

  Keep a food journal for 7 days.
  Make an appointment with my nutritionist for a “check up” before my training kicks up another notch.
  Read Ankur Shah’s “Sometimes We Walk Alone” – Ank is commenting on the #i8this challenge on Christine’s blog, and on John Hirsch’s recommendation I got a copy of his book. Time to dive into my book pile (new year’s goals, remember?)…  This may take me more than one week, but I’ll aim to finish it by the end of April.

  Always make sure there is breakfast food in the house – and that I have enough time to have breakfast while SITTING DOWN.  Do this for a week too to make sure the behaviour starts to become a pattern.

So, there you go.  My food and nutrition related challenges.  I will start this on Saturday the 17th.  And report back to you regularly…

3 responses to “Another round of #i8this!”

  1. Thanks for blogging your adventure and for being such a great supporter of #i8this!  I also LOVE that you’re getting into Ank’s book.  His cookbook is really funny, btw.Also, great goals!

  2. Not eating after 8.30 is a great goal. We always eat so late since we train after work – a lot of times we don’t sit down until 9, which is the peril of cooking at home (or trying to) when you get out of a swim at 8…  Any tips you can share on how you manage this would help me a lot!

  3. Christine the thanks go to you for thinking this up! What a great way to connect folks! 

    I will have to look into Ank’s cookbook.  Right now I am panicked as I can’t find my Marc David!  Yikes!

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