5 Years on Twitter

Today I celebrate 5 years on Twitter.

I probably can’t add much to the discourse about being online and participating in social media. But I can leave you with a few of my own lessons learned.

First, never be afraid to walk away from away from a relationship. Online friendships are the same as those “in real life” – you invest time in them, and some work out, whereas some don’t. Don’t be afraid to walk away from those that don’t work for you.

Second, be honest. Like life, social media works so much better if you are you, no embellishment. And remember – lies, half truths, and misrepresentations usually always get found out in the end.

Third, remember that what you read is what someone chooses to share. What’s the saying – what you see of an iceberg is just its tip, more than 80% is usually beneath the surface? The same is true on social media – we choose to publish the tip of our iceberg. And the environment of twitter – with its 140 character limit – does not leave us room to share much more than that.

I have – mostly – loved my time on Twitter. I have met some great people, shared motivation, learned about new things, discovered some great life tips, found fantastic recipes, and laughed often – all thanks to my twitter stream. 

Here’s to each of you who has brightened my time online over the last five years.

It’s an ELFIE. A selfie of the festive holiday variety!

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  1. You were one of my very early Twitter friends. I have made a lot of good ones – some I’ve met, some I haven’t, but all have brought something of value to my life.

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