2016: New Year, New Word

The French say that you have all of January to welcome in a new year and to give your new year wishes to everyone. Seeing as I never did a 2015 round up post, it is almost mid January, and I work for a French company, I hereby declare myself French for the purposes of wishing everyone a perfectly on time Happy New Year and best wishes for healthy and happiness in 2016!

Sunrise, Thorpeness, January 1st 2016

We welcomed in the new year along the Suffolk coast. It has been so mild in the UK this winter, but New Year’s Day morning was crisp. The sky was beautiful. I was up early with Felix the Dog to see to his comfort break and had a chance to catch the sun as it rose above the horizon, just peeking from behind the clouds. A beautiful start to the new year.

2016 – time for a new word

I announced my word for 2016 on New Year’s Day – LEAP – via my Instagram account.

Truthfully though, I have chosen TWO words for the year.

I chose LEAP because it was an active words. Symbolising many things for me: leaps of faith to make; leaping into the unknown; leaps of joy to come (as I am sure 2016 will bring a lot of good moments!); and of course, leap year!

I toyed with using LEAP to create an acronym, a moniker to remind me of other key words and mantras for 2016: Lead, Engage, Act, Persevere. But the four sub-words in the acronym just weren’t speaking to me.

But one word kept coming back to me. Over and over again.

  • As I looked to the work to be done to help grow grassroots paratriathlon in the London region.
  • As I looked at the coursework I wanted to do to learn new things about health and wellness in the coming year.
  • As I looked at my shoulder injury and rehab I need to do to enjoy some physical goals this year.


So 2016. LEAP and COMMIT.

I may be a few weeks late in getting my greeting out, but here is to a great year for us all. Full of leaping from joy and committing to new challenges.

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