Welcome Back Running!

Some people have told me that my post about losing motivation made it seem like I had been doing zero training. That’s not really the case. Since September I have been swimming, to yoga, strength training, trying out new things (like pilates class), running (including trying the Curve treadmill), to spin class… I have just been completely inconsistent. So inconsistent that I had not been to a running session with my run coach James Dunne since October!

I changed that last night with a “restart session” at Mile End Track.

Me and James, with Canary Wharf looming in the distance

Managing two chronic conditions – CMT and EDS – means that without consistent attention to training to reinforce the muscle memory and patterns that I am trying to learn (practicing good habits to replace my bad biomechanic patterns), it is SO EASY to slide backwards.

And slide backwards I have. Not as far back as where I was when I started working with James in summer 2011 – but we have some work to do to regain fluidity in my legs – I am so tight in my hip flexors, and my ankle post sprain feels completely stuck when it comes to dorsiflexion (bending at the ankle when loaded).

I felt like Quasimodo on the track… Dragging my right leg behind me, just no push at all.

My left leg has usually been my weak side, so I was not prepared at all for how my right side felt post sprain.  James manually worked on getting the glide back into my ankle – a lot of joint manipulation. It is extremely scary as someone with very loose ligaments to have someone touch my joints let alone push hard on them to get movement back into frozen spots. With James I don’t hesitate though – I feel completely safe having him help me to get back to good form.

I am really lucky to work with some excellent coaches – people I can trust, who are not just coaches but who are friends.

You know you have a friend – not just a coach – when you don’t mind having that person over for a simple supper post track. Once again James sampled our slow cooker chili – probably the simplest of meals I could serve, not exactly “dinner party food”!  James also got to meet Felix the dog.  Let’s just say that Felix decided he wanted James to be his run coach too – he actually crawled up and onto James’ lap, he was so taken by him!

This morning I woke up humming the Welcome Back Kotter theme song.  I was tired, smiling, and humming. I think my motivation has returned.

Welcome Back, Welcome Back, Welcome Back. 

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