September in Numbers

If I could sum up my September training in one word, it would be SLOTH.  I literally have been hanging around, doing what I feel like (not much), and enjoying time off.  Kind of like this guy, except in not as beautiful of surroundings!


On a serious note, the topic of taking time to do ABSOLUTELY NOTHING is one that comes up time and again in the triathlon community.  Take this post by Peter Reid on – one of his suggestions is to “get out of shape”.  I can safely say that after my September, with not much training and definitely minimal biking and running, my triathlon fitness is not so fit!
But mentally I feel rested.  I needed the time off.  In early September the last thing I wanted to do was sit on a bike.  Now?  I went out and located all the various bits to my bike trainer this morning.  I am feeling ready to get back into things again.  Well, as much as I can do with my work schedule.

September is the start of the busiest time of year at work.  Since finishing my last triathlon of the season at Harwich in August, I have been to Tokyo and Seoul for work, have had intense meetings in London. I already have two trips planned to Paris and one to Seoul for October.  So October means that I will be easing back into training and will be back to balancing training with travel and all that it brings with it.  I feel ready.

The Numbers

800+: Dollars raised for the CMTA during CMT Awareness Month – thank you everyone who donated! (You can still donate to the Got Nerve event here)
14: Hours of Training for the Month (this ignores the fact that one week I trained for only 1 hour, and another for just two hours!)
5: Yoga sessions in the month, including 2 at “new to me” studios (as my studio is closing ::sob::)
2: Weddings attended
1: Interview with me, featured on the 2XU website!
0: Weight gained, although I am sure I have lost a bit of muscle with the lower training this month!

Proof that DH and I do wear outfits other than athletic clothing when hanging out with each other!


3 responses to “September in Numbers”

  1. Maybe we should all have September as Sloth month .
    Since my first middle distance triathlon on 8th Sept I’did nothing for two weeks but rest and float along at 2mph on a canal boat.
    I agree a complete rest is best for all.
    Winter training will be structured, but fun, Santa runs, off road, running with my dog and friends and all kinds of variety while we wait for the spring to reappear.
    Glad you enjoyed your rest you deserve it. Now where did I leave my running shoes ?

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