The Paratriathlete Diaries: Weddings & Shoes

This post is one of a series I call “The Paratriathlete Diaries” – in the series I hope to take a regular look at the random things that happen in my life as an athlete with challenges. Any ideas, questions, or suggestions throw them my way. I would like to use this feature as a way to answer questions anyone might have about living with chronic conditions such as Charcot Marie Tooth disease and Ehlers Danlos Syndrome. I’m all ears!

Last weekend I went to my coach’s wedding.

In keeping with my (Un)structured September, there was little (read: no) training that happened last weekend. In fact, the coach’s entry on Training Peaks blocked Saturday for his wedding, and Sunday for the recovery. Thanks coach! I did look out our hotel window at the Bristol half marathon runners, and feel a twinge of guilt, but that twinge? Fleeting. It was really nice to have a full weekend off, my first one in ages.

That said, the weekend *did* impact my training in other ways. You see, as a person with CMT, it all comes back to shoes.

One of the greatest challenges (and biggest sadnesses) for a woman with CMT is that our shoe choice is so limited. Heels tend to be out – our ankles are too unstable from the muscle atrophy we experience and high arched feet we develop. But with a bit of luck, we can find shoes – even fancy party shoes – that can make us feel sparkly and somewhat soothe our Manolo and Loubou envy.

My go-to shoes for work as well as parties are ones by Stuart Weitzman. He makes some really lovely flats, loafers, boots and heels – YES! HEELS! – that kind of work with my feet. I still prefer to spend as much time as possible in my Hokas (also known as my CMT feet lifesavers!) – but I do have a few fun pairs of shoes in reserve.

Meet my party shoes!

Sadly last weekend my feet weren’t as happy as they usually are post party… My go-to shoes left me with a bit of lingering tendon inflammation, probably because I’ve been living in my Hokas and my feet just aren’t used to the change in loading that happens when you wear heels. I am sure that a little TLC will sort out my achy tendons…

Now, ff only TLC would get rid of shoe envy too… Oh well, I guess it’s time for a little handbag retail therapy – after all if you can’t have a cupboard full of shoes, handbags are a close second!

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  1. Thanks for this post, Donna.
    After breaking my sesmoid in 2007, I can’t wear heels either—at least not anything remotely high, nor for long.

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