Accentuate the Positive

I am racing on Sunday.  I can’t quite seem to wrap my head around that fact.  It will be a triathlon unlike any I have ever done – a swim in the North Sea, a cycle on open roads (sharing traffic with big lorries – yikes!), and a 10k run off the bike – the first time I will have done this since 2011!  I am getting ready – finding my mental game.  Searching for my confidence.  I’ve sent a bunch of pathetic messages to my coach, things like “Why am I doing this?”…  But I know why I am doing this – because I can.  And as my friend Amy reminded the other day when I sent her a pathetic message too, it wasn’t too long ago that doing a triathlon seemed off the table.

So I’m reverting back to favourite mantras. I’m embracing my nerves.  I feel my adrenaline building.  I’m focusing on the positive – the fact that I will finally get to finish a race, my target distance for 2013.  I am ready.

Yep, the Andrews Sisters are my current ear worm.  Don’t know what I’m talking about?  Here’s a video of Bing Crosby and Bette Midler performing it.

Sunday is fast approaching.  I intend to go out and give it my all.  Because I can.  And because I deserve this.  Every single moment.

By the way, that photo is from wild growth in the yard behind our house.  London is full of hidden gems – like yards behind houses that no one knows exist.  With hidden gardens, and surprises like this flower.  I always take a moment to notice the small things, it really does help me to build a positive frame of mind!

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  1. Heck yeah!  You have the moxie to not just enter and push yourself but to finish and do it in a way that will help you bring the lessons your learn during the race into a positive light.

    You got this and looking forward to hearing how it went.

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