Friday Food: Easy One Pot Chicken

Another Friday Food post, in keeping with my “who says cooking is hard” theme.  This week it is “one pot chicken”.  This is super easy to make, done first on the stove and then into the oven to bake.  I served ours with asparagus and rice. Super easy. Super yummy.

Initially I thought about doing this recipe with a more North African flavour, using some preserved lemons I have in my cupboard and some sticks of cinammon.  But instead I opted for this – it’s a bit more continental—as I had an open bottle of white wine to use up which influenced the direction I took with the meal.  My friend Elle posted that she does something similar but adds lentils or white beans to her pot.  That sounds tasty, and I may add that to my list of easy one pot meals to make (after I get this craving for North African flavours out of my system!)


Pack of chicken thighs (I like the thighs, they are tastier and cook well over longer slower heat, super moist and tender)
Two small onions, quartered
One leek, sliced thick.
Two lemons, sliced thick
Glass of white wine


1. Turn oven on to 180C / 375F
2. On the stove (hobs), melt butter in a deep frying pan / casserole. Make sure to choose a deep pan. If your pan does not have a lid, you will need to use foil at the oven stage.
3. Add your chicken and brown.
4. Add the onion quarters and brown.
5. Add the glass of wine.
6. Scatter lemons and leeks through dish.
7. Cover and place in oven for an hour. You may wish to double check the liquid levels about 30 minutes through, as you don’t want the pan to get dry. If you do have to add liquid, just water will be fine as the chicken, leeks and lemons will nicely flavour the broth.
8. Remove from oven and serve. 

We served ours with rice and asparagus.  A rice cooker is one of the mainstays in my kitchen (what can I say, I grew up in Hawaii!). If I added a handful of lentils before cooking this would I wouldn’t serve it with rice.  If potatoes are your thing, I think this would work great with some roasted potatoes or even simple boiled potatoes. If you don’t eat grains or potatoes, the chicken and vegetables alone is perfectly filling. 


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