USA Paratriathlon Nationals: S*** Gettin’ Real!

Things are getting real.  The foot issues I’m having are still real (unfortunately).  But my airport transport is all sorted – at least to get to Heathrow and home again, still gotta deal with the Austin side of things.  My hotel bookings are all sorted out (thanks Hyatt for checking and re-checking in case I had a double booking).  My doctor’s letter was submitted to USA Triathlon for my diagnosis of both my neuromuscular disease CMT1A as well as hypermobility disorder Ehlers Danlos Type 3.  My appointment for pre-race classification was confirmed.  And this arrived.

I’m proud to be sponsored by 2XU, and I’m proud to race for the CMTA – raising funds and providing vital support and information to those affected by Charcot Marie Tooth disease, impacing 1 in 2500 people including me.  You can donate to the CMTA and support my race HERE.

And all of my supporters.  Motion Junkies who donate a portion of all sales made via me to the CMTA.  Punk Rock Racing who have cheered me on since my first attempts to take triathlon seriously in 2009.  And my coaches – Kinetic Revolution, Red Top Swim, and Tri4Fitness.  The people with the plans, programmes, advice and counsel who help me achieve my ambitions!

I have what I’ll be wearing to the race.  And it is nothing new (rule number one – nothing new on race day) – although the logos that adorn it are – it is all super exciting!

S*** Gettin’ Real. Seriously.

(now I just need to keep my nerves under control and any doubting thoughts far away!)

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  1. Donna, Best of luck, you’ll do great!You are truly an inspiration on keeping active!
    The CMTA community loves you and your fire!

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