Challenge. Athlete.

Yesterday evening I had a running session with James Dunne of Kinetic Revolution. It was a back-to-the-basics run biomechanics session.  Seems that my old habits – of hip flexor dominance in running – have come creeping back into my run form.  So it was back to basics.  The good old heel lift.  Lots and lots of heel lift work.  Literally kicking my own ass time.

At the end of the session James asked how that was.  I guess he sensed that it can, sometimes, seem like progress is always just out of reach.  My response?

“I’m just a challenge!”

Frankly, I found it a powerful session – engaging, reinforcing, building an understanding of good biomechanics and feeling the differences compared to a hip dominant form.  I wasn’t down about it.  But I can accept that I am a challenge.

Challenge. (1) Verb: To confront or deny, boldly; To arouse or stimulate especially by providing difficulties; To invite into competition. (2) Noun: A stimulating task or problem; The act or process of provoking physiological activity by exposure to a specific substance.

Source: Merriam-Webster online dictionary

Although I have some physical issues to work with, really, I am no different than any other athlete.  I am doing sport to push myself, to learn to work with my body, to re-teach it how to move, to learn how to perform, better.  To be the best that I can be.

I left the track wondering, in this sense of the word, are we all challenged athletes?

Before and after video showing my run form and focused biomechanical training

My first session with James Dunne, June 2011


November 2011, four months later, en route to breaking hip flexor / knee led running form


Yesterday… Back to the basics… Stay tuned for another video update in April or May!


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