You Are An Athlete

I had business meetings in Tokyo on Monday, so I found myself in Tokyo for the weekend.  I absolutely love Japan, and there are few cities in the world where I think you could never be bored.  Tokyo is one of those cities.

On a mission to find what was described by DH as “the coolest running clothes ever” I found myself in Harajuku at the Nike shop.  The spring/summer collection of the Gyakusou Undercover clothing line by Jun Takahashi just happened to be released on Saturday.  I think DH has some sort of strange sixth sense about cool.  As I waited to see if they had his size, I look up at the wall.

“If you have a body, you are an athlete.”

I love this.

I won’t bother you with my dull interpretations of why this matters so much to me, as someone who has found sport to be such a huge life enhancing choice.  Doing triathlon has quite literally transformed my life.

This reminded me of one of my early blog posts, when I speculated about when I would *be* a triathlete, what it is that *makes* a person a triathlete.

We are all athletes. 

Sometimes you can find unexpected inspiration just by looking around you.

And speaking of the unexpected, it is not only the motivating that I found in Harajuku.  I also found the hilarious.

Meet the members of the Yoyogi Park Husky Club, dressed for girls day in their best kimonos.

Yeah.  I love Tokyo.

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  1. I am usually not jealous of all of your travel because I am not the best traveler but I would love to see Japan. It is in my top five countries to visit.

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